What is Coontail?

What is Coontail?


Coontail is classified as a submersed aquatic weed and is easy to identify because it looks similar to a raccoons tail with the cluster of leaves at the end of the branch. It has skinny stems that are cord like and flexible. The leaves are straight and flat, similar to a pine needle.

Ducks eat the fruit of coontail and it is considered to be good food for wildlife. The submerged parts of all aquatic plants provide habitats for organisms and invertebrates. These organisms and invertebrates are then used as food by other species like fish and other wildlife.

Physical control options

There are several tools out there to help control Coontail , that cut and remove submersed aquatic weeds like Coontail. However it will regrow from remaining roots that are left behind. Repeating this process will keep the unwanted weed at bay.

Environmentally safe options

There are several natural options to help control Coontail:

Non-toxic pond dyes can prevent or reduce aquatic weed growth by shading the pond, by blocking sunlight. Without sunlight, the growth of these unwanted weeds will be slowed. Learn the ins and outs of pond dye.