Warranty Information For Products

We have worked with many of the manufacturer’s listed on our website in lock step for many years! We strive to work with manufacturers that have proven products, and great customer service. All the products purchased on our website are warrantied by the individual manufacturer. For example, when purchasing a Kasco fountain, Kasco will honor the warranty claim. 

If a warranty claim is made, it is an industry standard (no matter the manufacturer) for the customer to pay for the shipping back the respective warehouse of the manufacturer. Once the manufacturer receives the product, and determines it is a valid warranty claim, they will replace or repair the product and ship it back to the customer. Different manufacturers offer different time spans for their warranties depending on the specific product, so please verify the individual warranty length for the product you are interested in before purchasing. Below we have some examples of warranty periods for some of the manufacturers that we offer!

2 Years:

3 Years:

4 Years:

5 Years: