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Pond and Lake Fountains

The Best Brands of Floating Pond Fountains

Whether you are looking for a small fountain or a towering display aerator, we have what you’re looking for. We offer brands ranging from Kasco, PondSelect, Scott Aerator, Vertex, Vanguard & more! Our fountains are easy to install, energy efficient, and provide a great view. Use our helpful pond size filter to find the perfect fountain for your backyard pond!

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What are the Benefits of Pond Fountains?

Floating pond and lake fountains are beneficial to all aquatic life, because they replenish the often lacking oxygen levels in stagnant pond water. Circulating your pond or lake's water is one of the first and most effective ways to implement a proactive healthy pond management strategy. A few of the many benefits to adding a pond fountain to your pond or lake includes: algae and muck reduction, decrease in population of pesky insects like mosquitos, improved water quality, and a gorgeous water feature!

Pond Fountain versus Pond Aerator

Trying to determine which floating fountain pump or aerator system is right for you can be a very daunting task. We know that! So we wrote down all the information you'd need to understand the difference. Head on over to our pond pump sizing blog and get started in the right direction.

Calculating Your Pond's Size

Another useful tool we've created is our pond calculator tool. One of the key factors in determining which system will work best for your pond or lake is knowing its acreage and surface area. From there you can decide the horsepower size of the unit you'd like to purchase. We set up the pond sizing calculator to do all the work in pairing you with a product that's perfect for you, try it out!

Pond Fountain LED Lighting Kits

We offer the best pond LED lighting kits in the pond business. Our lights are extremely brilliant and customize-able. Options of Bright White, Warm White, or Color Changing lights are available. Upgrade your fountain display, and turn heads through the night!

Maintaining a Pond Fountain

Pond fountains and aerators typically require little maintenance. You should keep an eye on the pump's water intake to make sure it is free from leaves or other debris, as the pump can overheat if it is clogged. Our Signature Series Fountains have various mesh cage options to reduce the maintenance level of these units to practically nothing! Damage to the pump can occur as a result of excessive mineral build up. It is recommended to remove the fountain pump once per season and rinse it with clean water. Removing the fountain from your pond in colder climates is a possible recommendation depending on the pump's manufacturer. Some pumps aren't designed to stay in frozen water.

** Failures can occur with any mechanical unit. We do NOT recommend anyone swim in water with a pond fountain or aerator running.**