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Scott Aerator Fountain & Aerator Lighting Kits

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Enjoy your Scott Aerator water feature at night! These high quality, underwater lighting systems illuminate your pond water fountain or aerator in a remarkable way. You have two options when choosing these lights, the Night Glo White Fountain Lights or their Color Changing Fountain LED Lights. Both will certainly turn heads and their brightness is bound to impress! Scott Aerator’s fountain & aerator lighting system adds a beautiful nighttime focal point to your outdoor landscape!

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Scott Aerator Fountain Lights

You can’t go wrong with these Scott Aerator Fountain lights. They are durable, made with stainless steel housings and are bright! For either lighting kit you choose you will enjoy a two year warranty on the fixtures and brackets, and a one year warranty on transformers and power cord.

While we offer these certified Scott Aerator fountain lights at the best price you can find online, we’d be remiss if we didn’t give you the opportunity to check out our own Universal LED fountain lights. Our lights are fantastically bright, fit perfectly on all Scott Aerator fountains and come at a great price. Choosing our lighting kits is a win, win, win!

Scott Aerator also offers an underwater light kit constructed of shockproof, corrosion and distortion resistant thermoplastic polyester. It is easy to change and has pressed glass lamp feature lights that can be projected in all directions.