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LED Lighting for Lake Fountains and Aerators

The Best and Brightest LED Lighted Pond Fountains on the Internet!

Our lighted pond fountain options will blow you away. Illuminate your fountain or aerator with our vast selection of the highest quality lighting kits at an affordable price. We carry Scott Aerator, Kasco, and Bearon Aquatics lights. You can’t go wrong with our very own Universal Fountain Lights, that come at an amazing price and fit on almost all the fountains and aerators we offer. This page has our lighting kit options, be sure to check out our entire floating pond fountain selection!

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Bearon Aquatics Fountain Lights

Bearon Aquatics’ (2) 6 Watt White LED Lights

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Create Your Own LED-Lighted Backyard Paradise

We have several different lighting kits in our Universal Fountain Lights Series that will maximize the appearance of your lighted pond fountain or display aerator. These fountain lights will fit on almost all of the fountain products we offer. All of our kits come standard with power cord and a photocell/timer. The 2 and 3 light kits are most commonly used with our 1/2 and 3/4 HP fountain models. These sizes are an effective way to illuminate your display aerator when you have a small budget. 3 light kits are designed well for PondSelect & Kasco floats, and will beautifully light up any PondSelect Fountain or Kasco Fountain! The 4 light kit is used when you need an intense lighting effect for your large display aerator. A PondSelect Universal 24 watt color changing fountain light kit will blow you away.

PondSelect Universal Color Changing Floating Fountain Lighting Kits

The brilliance of the PondSelect Universal Color Changing lights simply can’t be captured in a single video. We’re confident that after hooking up their lights, you’ll be blown away. Thye have lighting kit sets and sizes for any pond fountain. If you have any questions about a particular set of lights, just give us a call, we’re happy to help!

Large White LED Stainless Steel Light Kit

Color Changing Stainless Steel LED Lights

Bright and Energy Efficient Lights for Pond Fountains

These LED lights won’t drain your energy bill and they last much longer than competing halogen lights. For example, if you were to run the PondSelect 6 Watt White lights with the 3 Light Set for 6 hours a day, you would use about 3.30 kilowatt hours per month. That’s 39.6 kilowatt hours per year. The average estimated energy consumption of a Vizio 50″ flat screen tv is 110 kilowatt hours per year!

Kasco LED Fountain Lights

Kasco has created remarkable lighting solutions for their fountains and aerators. Their all-LED offering guarantees energy efficiency so you can enjoy fountain lighting without worrying about your electric bill. Kasco Fountain Lights are designed and engineered to be the most reliable fountain lighting on the market. Using a one piece composite housing and a lens that’s been ultrasonically welded and guaranteed to stay in place, you can trust Kasco’s lighting to be leak-free and brilliantly lit for hours of enjoyment. They also have newly designed Snap-On Light Clips are now included with all 3 and 6 fixture RGB Color Changing Lights, Composite LED and Stainless Steel lighting kits, making installation even easier. Compatible with all J and VFX fountains.

Scott Aerator Fountain Lights

If you have a Scott Aerator Fountain, you won't want to miss out on their LED lighting systems. With 2 or 4 light sets available you can choose how dramatic you want your nighttime display to be. Decide between their Night Glo White Fountain Lights and their Color Changing Lights, and you won't be disappointed! If you're looking for trusted, high quality lights, Scott Aerator Fountain Lights are exactly what you need.

Bearon Aquatics LED Lighted Fountains

Bearon Aquatics has manufactured some American made and durable fountain LED lighting kits. They have three current selections of white LED lights that can be fashioned with colored lenses to really turn heads. Installation of these lights onto their Olympus Fountains is very easy.