Pond Fountain Aerator Vs Sub-Surface Diffused Aerator

fountain aerator versus a diffused aerator

People call us all the time asking questions about different pond aeration products. What is the difference between a pond fountain aerator and a diffused aerator? What’s better, a pond surface aerator or sub-surface aerator? What is a diffused aerator?

The good news is that we know the differences, and we’re here to let you know! Fountains and aerators serve different functions in terms of aeration and aesthetic capabilities. So let’s jump right in to the specifics.

Pond Fountain Aerators

Surface fountain aerator in a pond

Do pond fountains aerate? The short answer is yes. Aeration is the introduction of air into a material, and in our case, that material is water. Fountains aerate by shooting water up, consequently aerating the water that’s been lifted into the air.

When talking about fountains, it includes many of the following terms: water fountain, pond fountain, floating fountain, lake water fountain, decorative fountain, or fountain aerator. 

While these surface pond fountains are technically aerating your water, there’s an incredible amount of water below the surface that will remain stagnant. Fountain aerators are an incredible aesthetic feature to your pond.

They shoot water up into beautiful patterns that cascade onto your pond’s surface, that has an incredibly soothing sound. Often times people choose to add LED fountain lights to their fountains, which adds to their beauty. 

From an aeration perspective, fountains are good for shallow ponds. They cause water circulation that may decrease phytoplankton and algae. 

Sub-Surface Diffused Aerators

A diffused aeration system is made up of three components: an air compressor, an airline and the diffusers. 

These aeration systems are placed at the bottom your pond, and emit thousands of air bubbles. After placement of this system, you’ll see a ring of bubbles above where you placed it in your pond. It’s a much more subtle method for aeration.

Not to mention, these systems function from the bottom of your pond, opposite of a fountain that sits on the surface. A system like this is ideal when trying to maintain your pond’s natural look. 

Sub-surface aerators work great as de-icers as well.

In Summary

Both surface fountain aerators and sub-surface aerators will aerate your pond, just to varying degrees. The former will circulate water that’s in the vicinity of the fountain on the surface. The latter sits at the bottom of your pond, and emits an incredible amount of bubbles that oxygenate a much larger percentage of your pond.

Choosing the different systems depends mainly on the level of aeration your pond needs, the size of your pond, and the level of attention you’d like your aerating efforts to have. We’ve had plenty of customers get both, and they are very happy after they do. 

If you’re still confused on what pond products you’d like, simply click below to give us a call! We’d be happy to answer any of your questions, it’s what we do!

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  1. Dan says:

    Looking to area a residential pond. Pond is 0.5 acre with an average depth of 3 feet. I’d like to know the recommended number of aerators and the size.


    • Adam McBeth says:

      Hey Dan, thanks so much for the question! I sent an email over to you that has some product ideas for you. I’m available for a phone call to further assist if you prefer.
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