How to Get Rid of Pond Snails

Are you dealing with a pond snail infestation? They can multiple overnight! Some pond snails eat away at your beautiful pond plants, and they can even dirty your pond water with their waste. Because snails have such a quick reproduction rate, it is good to include getting rid of pond snails as a part of your regular pond maintenance routine. You’ll find a couple methods that are good to implement below.

First: Collect by Hand

A great way to get rid of your pond snail population is to collect them by hand. Any time you are out by your pond, pick up five to ten snails and remove them. They could be hiding under leaves or other plants, so they may be hard to find at first. A quick tip: pond snails are a little more active at night time. Once the sun goes down, grab a flashlight and head out to your pond to get rid of them. Collecting pond snails by hand on a regular basis is a good way to significantly reduce their population. 

Second: Set up a Tasty Trap

Pond snails like blanched vegetables. Lettuce, carrots, or zucchini are popular choices to entice snails. Simply lay out some blanched veggies and the pond snails will come to you! Trapping them overnight is easy, just place a couple lettuce leaves on the surface of your pond. In the morning, check the leaves for any snails that have collected on the leaves and get rid of them.

Third: Chemical Remedies That Get Rid of Pond Snails

There are lots of brands selling insecticides for treating anchor worms that will also kill pond snails. A popular chemical is Dimilin. Getting chemical with your pond snail treatment is a big decision. These types of chemicals will kill all types of pond snails. The Japanese Trapdoor Snail is a very popular pond snail that some people buy because these snails eat algae. Every pond owner knows, algae is a sign of an unhealthy pond environment. These types of pond snails are a healthy addition to your outdoor landscapes. Buying Japanese Trapdoor Snails is one method of keeping algae from taking over a pond. If this is a particular strategy you are implementing, we don’t recommend using chemicals like Dimilin. 

Snails infesting your pond can be a nuisance. We recommend using any combination of the methods above depending on the goals you have for you outdoor pond space to get rid of the unwanted snails. 

We got a lot of our information from We’ve also had conversations with customers who have had problems with pond snails and noted the steps they took to remedy their problem! 

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