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Pond Snails 101: A Likely Sign of a Healthy Pond

Let’s Talk About Pond Snails:  The Japanese Trapdoor Snails, also known as Viviparis malleatus. Snails are invertebrates in the gastropod family. They are herbivores that feed on algae and other organic debris. Japanese Trapdoor Snails were named because of their hinged fingernail-like plate that closes off the shell’s opening, which helps protect the snail from […]

Four Types of Pond Plants That Are Essential For Your Pond

Your pond will become lively when you add a series of aquatic plants. Pond plants are important for oxygenation and they absorb residual nutrients that are too much for your fish to consume. Furthermore, they will be a beautiful addition to your pond! The waste that your fish produce contains ammonia. The bacteria in your […]