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How to Get Rid of Pond Snails

Are you dealing with a pond snail infestation? They can [...]

What Causes Fish Kills in Fish Ponds

Understanding Fish Kill in Your Pond In this article, we [...]

Pond Snails 101: A Likely Sign of a Healthy Pond

Let’s Talk About Pond Snails:  The Japanese Trapdoor Snails, also [...]

The Nitrogen Cycle Explained

A well-balanced and healthy ecosystem in a pond is the [...]

The Enemy of My Enemy, The Mosquito

When we see a mosquito, it’s typically after it’s landed [...]

Dragonflies – What’s Their Purpose?

In the spring and summer time we see them… dragonflies, [...]

Four Types of Pond Plants That Are Essential For Your Pond

Your pond will become lively when you add a series [...]

Beneficial Bacteria and What It Can Do For Your Pond

When we think of the word bacteria, the mind fills [...]

Pond Management 101

Effective pond management is a balance between REACTIVE and PROACTIVE [...]

Is it Duckweed or Watermeal?

Watermeal is often mistaken for Duckweed, but watermeal is smaller [...]

What is Coontail?

What is Coontail? Description Coontail is classified as a submersed [...]

Algae Control Options

There is nothing more discouraging than seeing your pond turn [...]