Algae Control Options

There is nothing more discouraging than seeing your pond turn green and algae get thicker on the surface of your pond. Chemicals of course will kill the algae and this is only a temporary fix, similar to spraying for weeds in your garden, it will not prevent regrowth. The use of products that balance the eco system in your pond will reduce future growth. This creates a healthy environment for your fish and keeps your pond looking good.

Natural Solutions:

If you continually battle the green algae monster, or would prefer a natural and environmentally safe way to control this and other unwanted aquatic plants that greatly deplete your pond of oxygen, then here are some good options for you. Having a proactive approach to managing your pond will keep it healthy and clean so you, family and friends can spend more time enjoying your pond and outdoor environment.

  • Barley – We talk a lot about Barley because it is a great natural solution to maintaining a clean and healthy pond and a safe natural product to use in ponds with fish and other animal life. Barley is the best product to use during the winter months because other methods are not effective. Barley extract products are available in a several different forms, such as straw bales, pellets, and liquid extract.

  • Beneficial Bacteria – Excess nutrients like phosphorus and nitrogen mixed with sunlight are usually the cause of algae blooms.  Beneficial bacteria products like F-50 Pure Bio and F-51 Muck Reducer, which consume these nutrients and other organic material in your pond. These products and other natural pond maintenance products can be found on our Algae Control here.
  • Blue Pond Dye – When applying blue pond dye according to directions, a significant portion of sunlight is blocked. That means that the energy that most algae use for growth is limited. This product still allows the growth of some algae. Small amounts of algae are a natural and important component of an aquatic system. A severe algae bloom is symptomatic of an environmental imbalance. This product will help to restore the ponds aquatic system to a natural balance. 

  • Aeration – Oxygen, Oxygen, Oxygen!! Fish need oxygen, beneficial bacteria need oxygen, other important aquatic life need oxygen to survive. All of these creatures need oxygen to do their job effectively. A decorative fountain may not create enough aeration to keep your pond healthy. Using a pond aerator or sub surface aeration system will infuse a lot of oxygen into the pond.