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Nothing is as soothing as the sound of splashing water from a fountain or display aerator into a pond and the reflection of light on the water that creates a serene environment in your outdoor landscape. This site contains a lot of valuable tips and information to assist you in sizing your floating fountain or aerator and maintaining your pond or lake. We carry a large selection of fountains and aerators at the best prices. Our personalized customer service is the best in the business. If you can’t find the information you need on our website and need additional assistance with your project, we are happy to help. We also have fountain and pump sizing charts to help you choose the correct size.

Floating Fountains for Ponds and Lakes

Eco Series Fountain
Classic Fountain
Stainless Steel Fountain

Pond and Lake Aerators

Decorative display floating aerators for ponds and lakes, aerates for a healthier pond. Comes with lighting options, and of course we have one for every budget and pond size!
Scott DA-20 Aerators
North Star Fountain
Kasco Aerators

Lighted Pond Fountains and Display Aerators

Affordable Floating Pond Fountains

All fountains are shipped ready to operate. Just anchor, plug & play! Quick and easy installation.

Lake Fountains For Natural Aeration

Lake fountains not only enhance the beauty of your pond landscape; they also provide necessary aeration of stagnant waters to control algae blooms and aquatic weeds. Floating Fountains in a lake are a popular choice when you want a more decorative look. These fountains splash the surface of the pond and control the growth of algae and duckweed.

Beautiful LED Lighting Effects

All of our pond and lake fountains and aerators can be equipped with our new LED wide projection flood lighting sets. We have incorporated this new LED lighting technology into the design of all our new lighted pond fountains for the ultimate in brilliant lighting effects of the fountain sprays at night. Even if you have another manufacturer’s fountain, our universal light kits will work with your fountain float. Our submersible, stainless steel LEDs are available in warm white, bright white, or a spectacular color changing option. 

Stainless Steel Pro Series and the Scott Fountains are built with heavy duty pumps for dirty water pond conditions.

Since 2003 we have been offering affordable, high quality, heavy-duty, outdoor pond and lake fountains with multiple spray nozzle patterns. Stainless Steel Pro Series and Scott Aerator Fountains use heavy duty, debris-tolerant commercial quality stainless trash pumps that can handle rain fed dirty water pond conditions and give you many years of dependable use.